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There are certain garment selections where screen printing isn’t as ideal, and when this is the case, embroidery is a great alternative for putting your logo on items like jackets, polos, hats bags, and much more. Embroidery is a great way to show off your logo in a clean, professional manner. This decorative technique combines many little stitches together to create your designs, which can be sewn directly onto your garments. 

Digitizing & Thread Matching Services Provided


Digitizing: All Logo's must be Digitized for Embroidery. Meaning your logo needs to be punched into stitches for it to be embroidered on your garment.

There is a one-time digitizing tape fee. Logo's up to 4 inches wide range from $50.00-$75.00. Depending on the number of stitches in your artwork

Thread Matching: If you are looking for a specific thread color or your branding calls for a specific color scheme we've got you covered! Using our Pantone

matching system we can match any color you need.


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